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The adventures of Polo are now available on DVD!

The adventures of Polo are now available on DVD!

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Your toddler probably already loves the very gentle character of the Polo dog, a tender and curious adventurer. He can now find all the magic of the Polo universe, Lili and all their friends in 2 new DVDs.

  • Polo, gentle and curious adventurer, lives in a world as one dreams. During his travels, he never stops meeting, always amazing.
  • "The day Polo met Oscar, the Snowman", "The day Polo tamed a magic pencil", "The day the Lunens made a trumpet concert" ...
  • In each DVD, a selection of 18 episodes full of poetry to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Polo. Very sweet and speechless, the animated series gives pride to the imagination of children.
  • And if toddlers do not see the time pass adventures of their favorite hero, parents can program the duration of viewing through a special feature (2, 4, 8 or 12 episodes)! What to let the children dream in peace.
  • As a bonus, the DVD offers Polo coloring to give free rein to his imagination and reinvent the world of the little hero!
  • Available from September 30, 2015. 9,99 €.