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The primer of your child's language

The primer of your child's language

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When will your baby start talking? How words come to children? Our little dico to help you decipher how your apprentice linguist acquires language over the months.

A ... as areu

  • After communicating with you by the look, the body and screams too, your baby begins to sing, from 2 months, a joyful babble where the vowels predominate. The more you answer him, the more he chirps in return. Around 3 months, he vocalizes his first cries of joy, laughs and releases his first "areu".

B ... as a language bath

  • To learn to speak, your baby must be immersed in his native tongue, yours! By answering him from his first hours of life, you allow him to build and sort too. Because it comes into the world, with the ability to reproduce the sounds of the whole world! A true polyglot, who will select by listening to you over the months, the phonetic system of its linguistic community! he will focus on what is useful for him to be understood.
  • If by chance, your child lives in a bilingual environment, you do not need to favor one language over the other. He can easily learn as long as they are heart, maternal or paternal languages.

C ... as compare

  • All children are different. Comparing them is a real pain. It's not because your best friend's girl is chatting at all and your little darling is struggling to line up 2 words, that you have to worry. Everyone has their own pace of development. Remember that if children do not start speaking in three or four months, usually 4-5 years old, unless there are major physiological, neurological or psychological difficulties, that's it!

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