The New Year's Eve, a pledge of recognition

The New Year's Eve, a pledge of recognition

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The end of the year most often evokes holiday meals and gift distributions. During this period, it is also customary for some people to thank firefighters, postmen, nannies by giving them, often in the form of an envelope, a certain amount of money: the new year's gifts.

New Year's gifts, give or not give?

  • For centuries, this tradition Thank you to the dedicated, available people who are not necessarily paid for the services they render you.
  • While it was customary to hand out new gifts to the Postman, firefighters, garbage collectors, building guards by buying a calendar or preparing a small envelope, the New Year's tradition seems to be losing some strength.
  • This practice is nevertheless a good way to reward your nanny for the services she gives you!
  • A little, a lot ... How much to give? To each according to his means!
  • But you may feel that because of the more emotional nature of the relationship you have with your child's nanny, you do not want to "give" her money.
  • In this case, drop him a gift at the foot of the tree!

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