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The triangle, the circle, and the square

The triangle, the circle, and the square

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Inspired by the pedagogy of Antoine de la Garanderie, a game to learn the name of geometric shapes by touching them.

Strong points

  • Intensive use of kinesthetic evocation, development of sense of touch, vocabulary
  • Touch is often forgotten in learning. Yet some educators and teachers know that this meaning can promote learning, and use it for writing and geometry for example.
  • This is a fun game that allows you to feel the shapes before you see them, an ability that will find an interesting extension in solving some geometric problems.


  • Triangles, circles and squares in wood or cut out of cardboard
  • 1 large opaque bag, for example of paper
  • Leaf
  • 1 pencil

The game

  • Tell your child that you will play to recognize shapes without looking at them.
  • Strip his eyes (if he agrees) and gently, take his finger and have him go around a shape, repeating and making him repeat the name of the form.
  • Then say: "Now go around the shape with your finger, all alone, and repeat his name ... Yes, bravo!"
  • Do the same thing with other shapes. "Revise" by taking again the forms already evoked. Take time, children are not used to talking about it this way.

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