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Crib: bedtime safely

Crib: bedtime safely

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How to sleep your baby? In what bed? Your toddler's bedding must meet safety requirements. Here are the main safety criteria to consider when buying a baby crib and our selection of cribs and beds to give it a sweet night's sleep.

Crib: the safety criteria

  • Choose a foam mattress, latex, but why not also in bamboo fiber or coconut ... bio materials are now popular with parents because they are hyppoallergenic. Only essential points to respect: you have to choose a flat and firm mattress the exact dimensions of the bed, no pillow, no thick bedstead or quilt. Do not "tinker" a semblance of mattress, do not put two mattresses on top of each other, buy the model recommended by the manufacturer.

  • The blanket in the bed? Yes, but not placed against your child's nose. And the mobile? Only if it is inaccessible!

  • If the cradle or bassinet is placed on a stand, check its stability. When the bed you have chosen has wheels, make sure they have brakes!
  • From the 3 months of your baby, go to bed with bars. Be aware that the space between the bars of the crib should not exceed 6.5 cm to prevent your child from getting a limb or head.
  • The essential remains the sleeping position: on the back! Combined with other gestures - such as banning the duvet, favoring the sleeping bag and reducing the temperature of the room to 19 ° C - this position has led to a significant decrease in the number of sudden infant deaths (SIDS). It is also the one that best releases the airways. And when it's hard to breathe, an air humidifier can be helpful.
  • Finally, remember that the co-dodo increases the body heat and therefore the risks of apnea and MSN: to each his bed!

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