Occupy it for spring break

Occupy it for spring break

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No way to be bored during the holidays, even if you stay at home! Spring crafts, special little hands recipes, printable coloring books, nursery rhymes and stories to share ... we give you plenty of ideas to keep you occupied and entertained.

Spring crafts

Your little handymen were probably waiting for the beautiful days with impatience! Discover our special spring DIY ideas to impress and occupy them.

Recipes for a little cook

What if your children went to the kitchen to celebrate spring? Funny appetizer vegetables, seasonal strawberry recipes, fresh verrines or wraps to devour ... our recipe ideas for kids.

Spring coloring pages

Finally, spring is here !! Suggest to your artist to give it back its colors with our coloring to download and print.

Spring coloring

Flowers, butterflies, gardening ... discover our coloring pages to print and let it give them beautiful colors of spring.

Pinpin and Lili Nursery Rhymes

In these videos, mascots Pinpin and Lili introduce to your toddler the joy of nursery rhymes. Come on, we sing in chorus to celebrate spring!

Little brown bear discovers the farm

Rabbits, chickens, ducks, cows ... there is all this on a farm and Little Brown Bear is eager to visit them. We follow him?

Salt dough workshop

Nothing beats salt dough to develop its creativity. An activity that will seduce your budding artists. In videos, our easy recipe of salt dough and ideas of brico ...

Story: Sam's Spring

"In the village of Dorville, every time a child is born, a tree is planted in his garden" ... this is how this story begins! Well snuggled in bed or in your arms, he will love it!