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Offer him a night light

Offer him a night light

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A small night light ... the great idea to decorate the room of your baby or your child and to watch over his sleep by giving him a halo of reassuring light. Here is our selection so that the bedtime is done gently, even with a smile!

  • The night light is absolutely not essential. But now, to lull your baby to sleep gently or to reassure your child who is afraid of the dark, it renders proud services and soothes the toddlers at certain periods of their life.

Night lights: different models

  • Jack cover. In the form of animals, stars, small characters ... it is the night lights that plug into an outlet and that diffuse a small soft light during the time they are connected.
  • Rechargeable. Without batteries, without wire and without bulb, they are recharged thanks to a transformer or on a base connected to a power supply. Once recharged, the subject-night light remains on for several hours in complete autonomy, thanks to its diodes.
  • Plush. Bright and even sometimes musical, these soft toys diffuse a dim light (it is either their face or their belly which lights up), also by diodes. They work with batteries and an on / off button. Real comforters!
  • Two or three in one. A mobile that makes a night light or a night light-CD player, or even a baby-bug-lullaby ... fashion at all high-tech requires, we find today sophisticated models that also provide other functions.

The night light on the security side

  • Always check the operating instructions before "mounting" your pilot. Also make sure your electrical installation is in order before plugging the object into a power socket, for example.

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