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Handle ... great happiness!

Handle ... great happiness!

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From birth, your baby has unlimited abilities. Catch objects, manipulate them, bring them to the mouth ... it is his great pleasure and an excellent exercise for his motricity.

At birth, a mobile, yes but ...

  • Avoid always putting the same mobile over your child's head and move your baby often so that he has different angles of view.
  • Vary the objects you put at your disposal : hang toys that are not necessarily, but shine, reflect the light and move in all directions (Christmas balls, garlands, bolduc ...).
  • Remember to tie your favorite items with clothes pegs so you can change them often.

From 3 to 9 months, touch and taste in the spotlight

  • To develop, your baby needs to exercise his sensesincluding touch and taste, in addition to sight.
  • Put sponges, toothbrushes ... so that they can grab them and put them in their mouths. It is his handcuff that gives information on the shape of the object (square, round ...), its texture (smooth, rough ...) and its temperature (hot, cold ...). It's good for his awakening.
  • So that your child can catch these treasures, do not hesitate to install it on the ground (on a carpet for example). He will make the necessary efforts to fetch them alone ... even when they are hidden!

Around 9-12 months, the big mop

  • It's the age when he gets up, walks sometimes and trudges often on all fours. He manipulates everything and anything and thus discovers his environment.
  • Give him plastic boxes that open and close, pans that fit together ... and install it "in a basin filled with semolina seeds", offers Isabelle Barbier, as a sandbox "house" . Chick?

Safia Amor with Isabelle Barbier, speech therapist, author of How to wake up your baby, ed. Flammarion.



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