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My child banged a tooth, what to do?

My child banged a tooth, what to do?

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The opportunities to bang your teeth are not lacking in children. Inside, but especially outside: school yard, ball games with friends, bike, race, rollerblades ... An accident can happen quickly! The point with the French Federation of Orthodontics (FFO).

The shock on the teeth, an accident not to minimize!

  • The frequency of dental trauma is quite high in children since more than 30% of them receive a blow on the teeth before the age of 5 years and 50% between 8 and 12 years.
  • A shock on the teeth can have sequels that can compromise the good development of the dentition of the child in the short and medium term.

Extruded tooth? Reimplantation possible within 3 hours

  • Whether the tooth is broken or not, whether it is a milk tooth or a definitive tooth and even if there are no signs of pain or apparent displacement, a surgeon must be consulted. dentist without waiting. Prompt care increases the chances of keeping the shocked tooth in good condition.
  • When a tooth has been expelled, to maintain its vitality for as long as possible, place it immediately in milk or in the mouth, making sure that the child does not swallow it and hurry to the dentist's office. . It can be re-implanted within 3 hours after the accident. After this time, the chances of getting the tooth back in place will decrease.
  • With the aid of a radiological and clinical examination, the dentist will check if the roots are not cracked or broken, if there is no lesion in the bone and / or the germ of the tooth. He will evaluate the mobility as well as the vitality of the shocked tooth.
  • Depending on the situation, he can define the treatment to be adopted: antibiotics to reduce the risk of infections, painkillers ... In case of displacement, he may decide to quickly install an orthodontic appliance to allow the tooth to be put back in place.
  • Since there are a large number of late reactions after a tooth shock - necrosis and infections with abscesses for the baby teeth, root diminished or destroyed for the definitive teeth - it is essential to remain vigilant even in the absence of signs. alarming after the 1st exam. Monitoring and control should be maintained every 6 months.

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