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Does my child need glasses?

Does my child need glasses?

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Your child often blinks, returns from school with a headache, gets tired very quickly when he reads? Maybe he just does not see it very well. It's time to take stock with an ophthalmologist.

Your child often seems to struggle to take stock, from near or far, when he does his homework, watching TV or trying to read the instructions of the teacher on the board ... One in six children has a visual defect at birth. Which does not mean that he will wear glasses all his life. Detected in time, some disorders can be corrected to 100%.

The problem

  • Do your parents both wear glasses? This is a first clue to closely monitor your toddler's eyes, since most disorders are hereditary. Premature children are also more vulnerable to vision problems.
  • He squints.
  • He complains of not seeing well, rubs his eyes or blinks frequently.
  • He comes home tired of school, has a headache, feels dizzy.
  • He does not read longSometimes he looses his line, re-reads twice the same sentence or the same word.
  • The teacher told you he confused some letters and it's hard to remember what he's reading ... It's time to take stock of a specialist.

Get in touch with a specialist

Before entering the CP, school medicine systematically controls the vision of children. Nevertheless, if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to consult an ophthalmologist specialized in pediatrics, better equipped for this examination.

  • He measures his visual acuity, from near and far, using drawings for the youngest and figures from 6 years old.
  • He observes the balance between his two eyes and ocular motricity (orthoptic assessment) - to detect, among other things, strabismus and check the vision of colors.

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