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Discovering his body diagram

Discovering his body diagram

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More and more autonomous and free in his movements since he walks, your child represents better and better parts of his body. Help him by engaging him in certain daily activities.

He becomes aware of his body

  • At birth, the skin of your baby is the only organ that is completed. She informs him about the world around him: the temperature, the texture, the welcoming or hostile nature of his external environment, and makes the reality palpable. His role is very important for his psychomotor development.
  • At your touch, thanks to the caresses, the massages, the care taken or when you carry it, you help your child to acquire a progressive awareness of his body. Thanks to the touch, it will consolidate with the wire of the months in the feeling that it has more or less diffuse way: it has a body quite distinct from its environment. By playing, groping, grazing, he refines his self-awareness and discovers his body diagram.

Me all alone !

  • His skill and precision in his gestures are more and more assertive: in the morning, he is delighted to participate when you dress, provided you facilitate the task with simple clothes to put on. Do not ask him to close the buttons of his shirt, he is still too small. However, he can put his pants, socks and finally his T-shirt. Same thing at bath time: with a small wipe, a sponge or a washcloth, your "big" will be proud to wash yourself, always under your control.
  • Help him memorize each part of his body by naming them, it will be for him a new opportunity to become aware of his body diagram.

Pictures that speak volumes

  • Without trying to analyze too early your child's drawings, they can tell you a little more about the representation he has of his body diagram. The first scribbles and spirals will gradually give way to more structured and regular forms, first fruits of the first tadpole who will come to 3 years.
  • Quèsaco? This is the first drawing of your child representing a clear enough a real man, with a round for the body and four lines for the members. This representation is common to all the children of the world. The more the perception of his body asserts itself, the more his drawing improves, especially with the appearance of the mouth and eyes. Be attentive!

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