Omelette with chanterelles

Omelette with chanterelles

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A forest omelette, think about it! Collected during a walk in the forest or purchased at the market, chanterelles are delicious mushrooms that marry perfectly with the egg.


  • 6 eggs
  • 150 g chanterelles
  • 15 g of butter
  • Chervil
  • Salt
  • Ground pepper


Wash the mushrooms quickly and cut the earthy feet. Slice them according to their size.
Fry the mushrooms in a pan with the butter and oil. Add salt and pepper.
Cook for 10 minutes.
Beat the egg quickly in a bowl.
Pour the eggs into the pan on the mushrooms.
Cook over low heat 5 to 7 min depending on the desired texture.
When serving, sprinkle with chervil.

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