2019 Ranking of Boys' First Names

2019 Ranking of Boys' First Names

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Every year, L'Officiel des prénoms reveals the trends of first names in France. As for the boys, Gabriel remains at the top of the ranking and the names from the Old Testament continue to seduce the parents ... We discover?

Ranking established according to the official of the first names 2019 by Stéphanie Rapoport and Claire Tabarly Perrin, Ed. First Editions

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2019 list of boys' first names (20 photos)

Top Boy Names For 2019: Gabriel

1. Gabriel

Gabriel keeps the top of the table after dethroning King Leo in 2017! A force that it holds perhaps of its etymology since it comes from the Hebrew Gavar, "the force", and El, "God", thus translating itself by "God is my force". In the Gospel, it is the angel Gabriel who announces to Mary that she will be mother of the Messiah. His birthday: September 29th.

Top Boy Names For 2019: Louis

2. Louis

Pretty breakthrough for little Louis (due to the birth of Prince Louis?)! 7th in 2018, he moved to second position. From the word Chlodowig, from the Germanic hold, "the glory", and wig, "the fighter", Louis is celebrated on August 25 in honor of King Louis IX, better known as Saint Louis. First reserved for kings, Louis became democratic in the seventeenth century, which does not prevent him from always being a name steeped in history.

Top Boy Names For 2019: Raphael

3. Raphael

In 2nd place last year, Raphael lost a place. From the Hebrew rephael, "God healed". Archangel as Gabriel, Raphael was sent by God to the young Tobit to introduce him to Sarah, his future wife. His birthday: September 29th.

Top Boy Names For 2019: Leo

4. Leo

After his first place in 2016, Léo remains in 4th place this year. Latin leo, which means "lion", it was common in France during the first centuries of our era, it is in Italy and the English-speaking countries that it was used in the form Leo, without accent ... before his big comeback. This name has for patron saint Pope Leo I who in 451 recognized to the Virgin Mary the status of mother of God. His birthday: November 10th.

Top Boy Names For 2019: Adam

5. Adam

Another place won for Adam in 2019. Coming from the Old Testament, Adam means in Hebrew "man (formed with) red earth" and is, of course, the name of the first man who lived on Earth. His birthday: June 17th.

Top Boy Names For 2019: Jules

6. Jules

3rd in 2018, Jules loses his superb. From the Roman oulos, "whole, in the natural state", Julius was also the name of a famous Roman family. A name of emperor ... which is celebrated on April 8 in tribute to Saint Jules, the first Roman pope to choose this name in the fourth century.

Top Boy Names For 2019: Lucas

7. Lucas

Lucas who has been in second place for years confirms his decline and is now in 7th place this year. Lucas comes from Latin lux, "light". Former form of Luke, author of the Third Gospel, it is celebrated with Luke on October 18 or with Lucas, Dominican missionary in Japan of the seventeenth century, September 28.

Top Boy Names For 2019: Maël

8. Maël

13th last year, Mael is progressing well. This name comes from the Breton mael meaning "the prince, the chef" and is celebrated on May 13th.

Top Boy Names For 2019: Hugo

9. Hugo

10th last year, Hugo is up one place. Coming from the Germanic hug, it means "intelligence" and is the equivalent of Hugues in Europe. First name illustrious in the Middle Ages, it is celebrated on April 1st in tribute to Saint Hugues, bishop of Grenoble, great defender of the poor, who died in 1132.

Top Boy Names For 2019: Liam

10. Liam

Entered the top in 2016, Liam loses more ground. 8th in 2018, he is in 10th position. First name to Celtic consonance, Liam is the Irish form of William, himself derived from William. It is celebrated on January 10 with Saint Guillaume, a relative of the Counts of Nevers at the beginning of the 13th century, who was archbishop of Bourges.

Top Boy Names For 2019: Arthur

11. Arthur

Stable, Arthur retains his place last year. Coming from the Celtic artos, "bear", or art, "stone", it evokes, of course, the master of the Knights of the Round Table, King Arthur who lived in the fifth century. His feast: November 15 with St. Arthur who was a victim of the persecutions of King Henry VIII of England against Catholics in 1539.

Top Boy Names For 2019: Ethan

12. Ethan

9th last year, Ethan is in decline. Appeared in France around 1992, it comes from the Hebrew etân, which means "constancy", "firmness". In the Bible, Ethan is a senior official of King Solomon. It is celebrated on January 21st.

Top Boy Names For 2019: Nathan

13. Nathan

14th last year, Nathan grabs a place! From Nathaniel Hebrew, which means "God has given", Nathan is the name of the prophet who was the counselor of King David. It is celebrated on August 24 with Nathanael, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus in the first century.

Top Boy Names For 2019: Paul

14. Paul

After entering the top 20 in 2017 and his 12th place last year, Paul runs out of steam. From Latin "paulus", small. Many saints bore this name, including St. Paul, one of the apostles of Christ. Of Jewish origin (his name was Saul in Hebrew), he devoted himself to evangelization after seeing Christ. His birthday: June 29th.

Top Boy Names 2019: Tom

15. Tom

Nice entry in the top for Tom! 15th position direct! This diminutive Anglo-Saxon Thomas was used as a full name since the eighteenth century in England. His birthday: July 3 with Thomas.

Top Boy Names For 2019: Gabin

16. Gabin

A place won in 2019 for Gabin. This name comes from the Latin gabinus, which means originating from the city of Gabies in Italy and is celebrated on February 19th.

Top Boy Names For 2019: Sacha

17. Sacha

Entered the top in 2014, Sacha lost a place compared to 2018. From the Greek alexein, "defend", andros and "man" is the diminutive slave of Alexander and an independent name in France since the beginning of the twentieth. This is the name of the son of Laurent Delahousse. It is celebrated on April 22nd.

Top Boy Names For 2019: Noah

18. Noah

Noah is new to the top and goes straight to 18th. This name comes from the Hebrew word noah, which means "calm, rest". This name tinged with religion recalls the builder of the ark, which saved the humanity of the flood. The Noah are celebrated on November 10th.

Top Boy Names For 2019: Nolan

19. Nolan

15th last year, Nolan recedes and is at the bottom of the rankings. It is a Celtic derivative of Neil, niall, meaning "the young hero, the young champion". It is celebrated on December 5 with Neil or All Saints on November 1st.

Top Boy Names For 2019: Aaron

20. Aaron

New in the top this year! This name comes from the Hebrew "aharon", meaning the one who comes after or I will sing (the praises of God). His birthday: June 22nd.

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