No draconian diets!

No draconian diets!

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No draconian diets!

A nice belly after baby, it is sure that it is paid. But after giving birth, dieting is probably not a good idea. A good diet, healthy and balanced, contributes to a correct intake of elastin and collagen fibers to firm the skin and restore its tone. There is no question of depriving the body of nutrients and vitamins.

Vitamins A (especially retinol), B, C and E play essential roles in protecting the skin and maintaining the elasticity and tone of the skin. These vitamins are involved in the manufacture of collagen fibers.

On your plate, do not hesitate with eggs, milk, poultry, walnuts and almonds, oily fish, sunflower oil ...

Otherwise, we will have to pay attention with the salt, which tends to retain the water; the salt will weaken and release the connective tissues!

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