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Wait ... child's play

Wait ... child's play

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"When's our turn?" It's not easy for your child to wait at the pediatrician, at the bus stop, at the CAF ... For him who needs so much to move, it's not easy. Fortunately, Fabienne-Agnès Lévine, educational psychologist, blows you some good ideas ... games.

  • And if these "lost" moments gave him the opportunity to become aware of his body? To stimulate his fine psychomotricity? To sharpen one's sense of observation? To explore language? If you lived them as an accomplice parenthesis in your day? Here are our ideas, age by age, to wait with happiness. With instructions not to make too much noise and to play with three times nothing.

From 3 years old: use his imagination

He loves riddles. With language, the imagination takes a lot and more and more place.

  • Do you count them? While waiting for the bus for example, ask your toddler to stand a few meters from the wall and guess how many steps of elephant he will arrive at the wall. And how many ant steps? Oh no, too hard, you have to know how to count beyond 10!
  • Pile or face? Who will enter the bus first? A lady or a gentleman? Or again: how many fingers are unfolded behind my back ... On the road: if you meet a red car you win, if it's a green, it's me ... Multiply these small games of chance can spend hours , but not only. They tickle "his magical thinking": believing that you just have to think very hard about something to make it happen. No, finally everything is not always as we decide!
  • At the butcher's, there is ... On the road, at the baker's, the butcher's shop ... locate and name what you see. Have fun, the next time, to remember without looking: scallops, chicken, eggs, ham, etc. He can not remember anymore. He has the right to observe 30 seconds. Small variant above 4 years: add each in turn a word, while each time taking the phrase of the departure that is growing ... Not sure you win.
  • Pigeon flies. Do you remember the rule of this classic? Pigeon flies, your little one raises his hand, swallow ... flies too, plane flies again ... House flies, he laughs ... The air of nothing, this game asks him to classify the elements by categories. And to access a logical thought. Useful !
  • If I say "baby". Your little talker answers "baby bottle" or "layer", in short he tries to associate a word. Bigger, around age 4 and after, he can even play the opposite: you say "big" he answers "big", below / above, sun / rain ... An even more challenging game if you have several children.

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