Afraid of giving birth? Your panic guide

Afraid of giving birth? Your panic guide

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Pain, episio, forceps, caesarean section, hemorrhage ... The panic guide of Dr. Emmanuel Closset, obstetrician gynecologist, and Marie-Christine Desmartin, midwife.

And if the pain became unbearable?

  • You have decided to give birth to your baby without anesthesia and ask yourself how you will react. The same question if you request an epidural because a pain-free birth is never 100% guaranteed. The anesthesiologist is waiting ... the epidural does not "take" on both sides ...
  • Do not panic, in most cases you will be relieved. "It is wise and reassuring to prepare to do without the painkiller," warns Dr. Emmanuel Closset. During preparation for birth, the midwife explains how to breathe to accompany the contraction, how not to be overwhelmed by the sensation.
  • "The more women prepare, the better they control the pain, and some even limit it by breathing and concentration," admits Marie-Christine Desmartin.
  • This midwife also favors changes of position to improve the work. "From now on, we suggest the patient to stand on the side by raising and bending her outer leg or to sit leaning forwards and leaning on a ball," she says. , the dilation is faster and the baby is better. "
  • Finally, know that you will not be alone in your pain. Midwives are there to help you overcome difficult times. And if dad has decided to accompany you, it is good that he attends with you at some birth preparation classes to know what to do, how to massage, support your head ...

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