Pill: prepare your annual appointment at the doctor

Pill: prepare your annual appointment at the doctor

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In France, 55% of women using contraception take the pill, which represents 5.2 million users. For them, an annual appointment with a doctor is recommended. Why annual monitoring?

During the appointment with his doctor, what are the important elements to report to him?

  • Before any appointment, it is useful to ask her mother whether any women in the family have had phlebitis, pulmonary embolism or stroke. If there is such a family history, the doctor may prescribe an examination to detect a possible abnormal blood clotting. In case of abnormality, it will be necessary to give up the pill, whether it is 2nd or 3rd generation. Same thing if you smoke, even just a few cigarettes a day.

Is there anything else to report to your doctor?

  • Yes, if you have frequent migraines, it is important to inform them. We know today that they are associated with an increased risk of stroke, especially after 35 years. If you are going to have surgery, especially varicose veins, do not forget to tell the anesthesiologist that you are on a pill: it may need to be interrupted for a while.

To be followed once a year is essential?

  • Yes ! This allows your gynecologist first to examine you, especially to feel your breasts. "If the breasts are hard, congested, it is imperative to change the pill.All studies show that the pill does not increase the risk of breast cancer, but it is on the condition that the breasts are not suffering. .
  • Your doctor will also monitor your weight gain: if it is too important, it will probably change the pill.
  • He will also prescribe an annual blood test to monitor cholesterol (specifically the relationship between good and bad), triglycerides (another type of fat) and blood sugar (sugar in the blood): if these three elements are above the standards, they can cause narrowing of the arteries.
  • Same thing with too much tension.

Isabelle Gravillon, with the collaboration of Anne de Kervasdoué and Sylvain Mimoun, gynecologists.

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