Dairy, slow carbohydrates ... on the menu?

Dairy, slow carbohydrates ... on the menu?

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Dairy products. I believe they are unavoidable

  • Indeed, dairy products are a vital source of calcium and vitamin D during pregnancy. They also have the advantage of being a moderate carbohydrate intake.

Really needed slow carbohydrates?

  • Slow carbohydrates, in other words starchy foods such as potatoes, cereals, rice, wheat, flour, semolina, corn and legumes - white beans, all peas, lentils - without omitting bread and pasta, are rich in calories but unfortunately very poor in micronutrients and vitamins. They bring calories you do not need. Indeed, your future baby is used in your reserves and as long as you have, it will not cry famine!
  • But if you are overweight and you are actively working, you can give yourself a portion of starch (100 g / day including bread).

Monique Fort

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