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Why do babies have to read stories?

Why do babies have to read stories?

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Reading stories is good for babies! Speech-language pathologists say this and repeat it: reading is essential to the development of the child's language. But when to start and how to do it?

The advice of Charlotte Thirion, speech therapist.

From what age can you read stories to your baby?

  • I would say from 6 months. Choose books in foam or cloth that your child can handle. He will learn how to turn pages, discover colors and textures. His first experience of the book will be that of manipulation.

How to read stories to toddlers?

  • It is necessary to choose very short stories, with a sentence an image. Show the pictures, describe what you see. Your child will listen to the music of the language and understand what it is about. And little by little, he will try to pronounce the words himself, often to make you happy. This is the phase of understanding.
  • Gradually, increase the richness of your sentences. You offer your child models of correct syntactic structures, on which he will take example. But do not force yourself to build complex sentences. Adapt to your child, enjoy reading the story, have fun! Tell simple things, within reach of your baby. Reading a story is above all a time of exchange and sharing.

He asks to always read the same stories, why?

  • Repetition allows him to memorize the vocabulary of the story. And when your baby wants to change books, he'll be ready to discover new words and phrases!

Open the doors of writing

  • The most important thing is to develop the curiosity of your baby around the book: this familiarizes him with a written future. When, later, he enters school, it is natural that he will discover reading and will want to learn how to decode this writing.

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