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Why a blanket?

Why a blanket?

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Pinpin, Nin-nin, Loulou ... whatever his name and shape (lange, stuffed ...), your child does not let go of his blanket anymore. The explanations of Christine Brunet, psychologist and psychotherapist.

The English pediatrician-psychoanalyst, Donald W. Winnicott, called it "transitional object". But who is really the blanket ... the darling of your child.

The blanket, to fill the separation

  • From the age of 8 months, your child realizes that he is a being independent of you. He realizes that sometimes you go away and that he has to face periods of isolated loneliness in these moments. He then fears separation and may be in a state of great distress when he believes you are not going back.
  • All children know this "anxiety of separation".

The comforter, a companion who looks like you

  • Most often, during this period of fragility and anxiety, your child chooses a blanket, the indispensable companion who accompanies him at bedtime or when you drop him at the nursery or at his grandma's . Your child is using this "transitional object", so named because it is the link between what he knows (you, his dad, his house ...) and the outside world (the nursery, the nanny ...), to take with him a little of your person.
  • You see why lose or forget the blanket can be stressful for your child ... but also for you!

Safia Amor with Christine Brunet, psychologist and psychotherapist.

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You can always prevent the possible loss of the blanket by buying it in two copies. But beware, your child is not fooled and what he loves above all in his blanket is its smell!

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