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Strollers: it rolls!

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What stroller to buy for your baby? Discover our selection among the novelties and the "classics" models at the top ... for you and for baby!

Selection updated in January 2018

Strollers: it rolls! (23 pictures)

Stroller team from Peg-Pérego

A new stroller ideal to transform to the rhythm of births. From birth to 3 years: 1,200 € the pack. Where to find it?

Britax B-Lite Stroller

Available from birth to 3 years (15 kg), this new light and agile stroller, perfectly adapted to cities and public transport, adapts to the age of the children and the needs of the parents. Compatible Travel System, you can install a shell or a basket for total flexibility. We like: its lagoon color and its compact folding which facilitates the storage: 230 € approximately. Where to find it?

Raspberry Stroller by iCandy

The urban parents' stroller, light, agile, returns more beautiful than ever with 5 trendy colors, a leatherette handle for the comfort of parents, a padded seat for the child's, the possibility of adding a real basket (sold separately) for use from birth ... 632,50 € (225 € the basket). Where to find it?

Stroller Loola 3 Bébé Confort

Very practical for the city, this stroller from birth to 15 kg offers comfort and good maneuverability: 320 € (Bébé Confort).

Where to buy it?

Orange Stroller by iCandy

The latest iCandy is available in single or double stroller and offers more than 30 different configurations (facing the world, facing parents, back to back, seats, nacelles, car seats ...). The nacelle, also approved for permanent sleeping, is replaced by the seat when the baby reaches 6 months. It also features a built-in board, smart top, and a Cinema mode that places the rear seat higher than the front seat. Dimensions: Folded: 89.5 x 60.2 x 33.9 cm. Unfolded: 80.6 x 60.2 x 97.4cm. Total weight: 12 kg. 8 colors to choose from: from € 1,095. Where to find it?

Yoyo Stroller + BabyZen

Known for its design and unique folding in the cabin luggage format, the Yoyo + stroller makes life easier for all city parents. This year, it has its own car seat, connects with a board for a senior (up to 20 kg) and comes in 2 new trend colors. From 389.95 € and 99 € the board.
Where to find it?

Britax B-Ready Stroller

This is the ultimate family stroller since it can be used for a single child, twins or two children of close ages, adding a seat, a carrycot or a hull on its chassis. All with great maneuverability, always easy access to its integrated basket and a width of only 61 cm to sneak everywhere. Very handy and comfortable for baby, it is also adjustable on several heights.
€ 540. Where to find it?

Baby Jogger City Mini Zip Stroller

Ultra compact and easy to handle, it is perfect in the city. Its more? A 3 D folding thanks to which it folds from top to bottom and laterally. His seat is totally reclining, almost horizontally. Since birth.
391 €
Where to buy it?

Chicco Love Motion Trio Stroller

It's the all-in-one solution from birth to age 3: carrycot / car bed, car seat, reversible stroller facing the driver or facing the road. With its chassis only 50 cm wide, it has the advantage of going everywhere: 545,50 €.

Where to buy it?

Inglesina Trilogy Stroller

Carrycot, stroller, car seat: trio winner for the new Trilogy 2016 which also has the advantage of being ultra-practical, comfortable and maneuverable with its chassis only 50 cm wide. Several colors to choose: 800 € (Inglesina).
Where to find it?

Red Castle Whizz Stroller

A compact and maneuverable three-wheeled compact urban stroller for babies from birth to 15 kg. It owes its beautiful design to the designer Orla Kiel, hence its name, and offers all the qualities of the brand. From birth to 15 kg, it offers 4 recline positions for comfort and baby naps: 300 € (Red Castle).
Where to find it?

Chicco Liteway Stroller

Good value for this lightweight stroller-rod, practical and handy for babies from birth. It is ideal in the city and in transport and its folding umbrella (easy) makes it compact: 134,99 €.

Where to buy it?

Recaro Easylife Stroller

A great classic among city-dwellers who still likes a lot thanks to its easy 3D folding with one hand and its light weight (5.9 kg). Approved from 6 to 15 kg, it can be used from birth by adding the seat sold separately: 204,90 €.

Where to buy it?

IGO Pure Edition Stroller from Mutsy

Ultra chic, the latest version of this stroller is also more eco-friendly thanks to its recycled fiber textile, soft and breathable for a better baby comfort. Very technical, it incorporates suspensions before any terrain and its retractable chassis is provided with hinges of safety. 689 € the stroller alone, 919 € with carrycot.
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Priam Stroller by Cybex

The chassis alone allows 3 uses: a stroller with a matching carrycot (from birth to about 6 months), a travel system with one of the Cybex hulls or as a luxurious sport stroller facing or back to the road. A central adapter supplied with the stroller makes it easy to modulate the variants. Note, it is possible to choose its wheels (light, all-terrain, trekking). It even has ski bindings! Several colors to choose from: 999,90 € (chassis + wheels of your choice + Light seat and carrycot).
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Combined stroller 3 in 1 Black and White

Usable from birth to 3 years (15 kg), this handsome trio handset is suitable for city life and offers good value for money: 329 €.

Where to buy it?

Safety 1st Compa'City Cane Stroller

"Best seller" of this brand, this stroller cane used from birth has many assets. Practical and comfortable, it is ideal for the city. We like the easy folding, its lightness and the large storage basket: 89,90 €.

Where to buy it?

EVO stroller from Mutsy

Comfortable for you and baby with its height-adjustable handlebar and spacious carrycot, it is easy to use and practical. Since birth. About € 530.
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Peg-Pérego Pliko P3 Compact Classico Cane Stroller

Available from birth, this handy stroller has dual fixed and swivel wheels and ergonomic handles adjustable in height. Its Giancomatic mounting system will allow you to modulate the chassis with the seat, the basket or the cozy: 320,29 €.

Where to buy it?

Stroller Trailz by Stokke

A very handy all-terrain stroller that offers 3 positions facing the driver (sleep, rest and active) and 2 positions facing the road (rest and active). Its price: 650 € the chassis, 399 € the seat and 299 € the basket.
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Nuna Pepp Luxx Stroller

Ultra strong and functional, this luxury version of the Pepp offers a total comfort to your baby (its backrest completely extends for a nap) and also proves very convenient for you with its perfectly adjustable handlebars at the waist and its compact folding in the blink of an eye. Its price: 279 €
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Quinny Zapp Xtra²2 Stroller from Quinny

We love his clever folding system directly with the hammock. Lightweight, it is also very handy and its easy access basket offers a capacity of 5 kg.Son price: 239 € approximately
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2-in-1 Kokoon Duo Stroller

Including a birth stroller and a cozy, it is comfortable, easy to use and folds in the blink of an eye. With 2 positions facing the road and facing the parent, its cushioned seat is fully reclining. Price: 319 € (Safety First)
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