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Kindergarten part-time is possible?

Kindergarten part-time is possible?

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Your child is about to become a little schoolboy. For her first year, you chose to go to school part-time. But will not he miss some notions?

The problem

You know that a full day of school at his age, that's a lot. But will not it be difficult to catch the pace if it goes only half the time?

Who disturbs it?

  • You. In the morning at school, in the afternoons at home and on Wednesdays at Mamie's house ... Is your child not likely to mix brushes?

Will he be late for the others?

You fear that your little schoolboy misses some of the learning and ends up having trouble attending school.

  • What has to be done. A discussion with the mistress should be enough to reassure you. In a small section, a large part of the afternoon is spent napping and your child will sleep as well - if not better! - in his bed at home. In addition, the kindergarten program is essentially game-based. Through this, your child learns to master his body, to relate to others and to express his creativity. Going to the square, doing a drawing with you or training to put on his pants at home, you make with him a small part of the program.
  • What to tell him. "I'm going to make a cake, are you coming to help me mix the flour and the eggs?"

Will not he be bored at home?

Musical awakening, rhymes, gymnastics ... your toddler does so much at school. Does not he risk finding time at home?

  • What has to be done. In kindergarten, your child discovers a new setting, with rules and standards to follow. It requires a lot of effort. In these conditions, to meet a little with himself in the afternoon allows him to breathe, to replay in his head what he experienced in the morning. Essential to assimilate well! This does not prevent you from registering it at the drop-in center some afternoons. He will find friends, while enjoying a freer pace than at school.
  • What to tell him. "Take this time to rest a little."

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