Name Aanor - Meaning of the Name

Name Aanor - Meaning of the Name

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Breton form of Eleanor, Aanor comes from "enor" which means "honor" and Latin "lenire" which means "to soften".


Aanor, daughter of King Brest and wife of King Gaëlo, Hoël II in the sixth century, Aanor de Saint-Valéry, wife of Robert III of Dreux in 1210.

No more famous Aanor lately ... your princess maybe!

Aanor is patron saint Eleanor. Sister-in-law of Saint-Louis, she married King Henry III of England at 14 and became queen in 1236. On the death of her husband, she entered the Benedictines.

His character :

Aanor is a sunny, dazzling person with a certain sense of independence. Very feminine and intuitive, she is somewhat capricious, reserved, very dreamy and creative.


Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor

His party :

Aanor is celebrated on June 25th.

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