Name Abbon - Meaning and origin

Name Abbon - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Abbon comes from Greek abbaswhich means "father". It's a rare name.


No famous Abbon, maybe your wonder to you!
Abbon's patron saint is Abbon de Fleury, recognized as the first abbot of Gaul. This Benedictine reforming monk was one of the greatest theologians of the early Middle Ages (in the Ottonian Renaissance period), born around 945 and died in 1004 in La Réole. He was an advisor to Robert II and Hugh Capet, and the author of many school treatises, legal texts and poems.

His character :

Abbon has an assertive personality, an iron will, boundless assurance and often exemplary courage. Very sociable, he also likes to seduce and is allergic to the routine ...


Abbo, Abbas.

His party :

Abbon is celebrated on November 13th.

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