Name Abdon - Meaning and origin

Name Abdon - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Abdon, very rare in France, made its appearance in the Hexagon in the twentieth century. This masculine given name means "servant" in Hebrew.


This name was taken up by René Goscinny to illustrate his work Petit Nicolas, where we find Uncle Abdon. This character designed by Jean-Jacques Sempé embodies the uncle of Joachim, Nicolas's friend. Today, the episode where Uncle Abdon appears is published in the album "Le Petit Nicolas has Ennuis".
In biblical epics, Abdon represents the twelfth judge of Israel, Samson's predecessor. This son of Hillel the Pirathonite from the tribe of Ephraim governs the Israelites for 8 years.

Abdon's patron saint is Saint-Abdon, honored with Saint-Sennen in the church of Drudas (diocese of Toulouse). Refusing to deny Christ, St. Abdon was slaughtered in Rome during the reign of the emperor Decius.

His character :

Abdon is above all a very independent being ... He is also fair, authoritarian and sometimes quite proud. But what a charm!


Abdôn, Abidon

His party :

Abdon is celebrated on July 30th.

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