Name Alessio - Meaning and origin

Name Alessio - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Alessio comes from the Greek words "Alexein" and "Andros", which means "protect" and "Man, manly".


Italian dancer Alessio Carbone, Italian actor Alessio Boni, Italian cyclist Alessio Galletti, Sicilian tennis player Alessio Di Mauro, French rugby player Alessio Galasso, Italian footballers Alessio Stamilla, Alessio Cerci and Alessio Tacchinardi, French artist Alexis Grüs , the French surgeon and biologist Alexis Carrel, the British doctor Alexandre Flemming, the inventor of the phone Alexandre Bell, the French writer Alexandre Dumas, the Ukrainian cyclist Alexander Kirchenko.

Saint Alessio: he is one of the seven founders of the Servite Order of Mary.

His character :

Alessio is someone brave and virile, who has energy to spare. It displays the air of conquerors. Rather sensitive, he is shy and worried deep inside him, to the point of doubting his abilities. Fortunately, he manages to adapt quickly to a situation.
Having a good sense of friendship, he likes contact with others. However, he has trouble expressing what he feels.
With a strong will, it is with vigor and ferocity that he pursues his goal.


Alexio, Alexis, Alexander

His party :

The day of Saint Alessio is February 17th.

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