Name Alexe - Meaning of origin

Name Alexe - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Greeks, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Alexe is the variant of Alex, derived from the Greek name Alexandros. Made up of Alexei and Andros roots, this first name means "protector".


Romanian cretanist Alexe Dumitru and French cartoonist Alexe.

Among the celebrities named Alex, a variant of Alexe, are the Swiss cyclist Alex Zülle, the English footballer Alex Pritchard, the American cyclist Alex Howes ...

Alexe has for patron saint Alexander. Saint Alexander was born in Lugdunum around the middle of the second century. With his friend Epipode, he devoted himself to the profession of the gospel in the city of Lyon. Both managed to escape the persecution of 177 by taking refuge in the house of a Christian widow outside the city. However, they were denounced and thrown into prison. The Roman governor tortured them before condemning them to death because of their unwavering faith.

His character :

Alexe is distinguished by his ability to adapt and his insurance. Confident in her abilities, she is hardly influenced. Not hesitating to assert herself, she embodies a perfect leader with a spirit of initiative exemplary.

Alexe is a winner. Endowed with a beating temperament, she is hardly discouraged in case of failures. She demonstrates exemplary resourcefulness and creativity.


Alex, Aleksandar, Alessia, Alexandra, Alexander, Alexandrine, Alexi, Alexia, Alexis, Alexy ...

His party :

People named Alexe are honored on April 22.

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