Name Alissia - Meaning of origin

Name Alissia - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

"Alissia" is a variant of "Adelaide". It is a name composed of two Germanic roots, namely "Adal" and "Hild".
Alissia is the one who leads a "noble fight".


American wrestler Alicia Fox, American singer Alicia Keys, tenniswoman Alicia Molik, French actress Alicia Hava (playing the role of Margaux Lieber, in the soap opera "Plus belle la vie"), Australian swimmer Alicia Coutts, American gymnast Alicia Sacramone ...

Saint Adelaide was queen consort of Germany before becoming Empress of the Holy Roman Empire. Partisan of the Cluniac reform, she put her influence to the Emperor Otto I at the service of the Church and the most disadvantaged.

His character :

Subject to an emotional emotivity, Alissia has trouble keeping calm in critical situations. Nevertheless, his alertness allows him to get out of trouble. It must be known that Alissia has the judge.

Of altruistic nature, she gives without counting. Friendly and generous, his friendship is a treasure. He must be told to pay attention to the profiteers.

Right and loyal, Alissia tends to put her friends on a pedestal. Moral woman, she hates lies and betrayal. Rancunière, it is quite useless to hope for his pardon!


Alice, Alissette, Alixia, Alex, Alexia, Alycia, Alicie, Alysia, Alicia, Alyssia ...

His party :

The people named "Alissia" are honored on December 16th.

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