Name Aventin - Meaning and origin

Name Aventin - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Latin language, the name Aventin comes from the word "adventus" which means "arrival" or "advent". It also comes from "de Adventinus" which designates a Roman hill.


There is no Celebrity with the name Aventin.
The Aventines are celebrated the same day as Aventine of Chartres, first bishop of the city of the same name. They can also be celebrated at the same time as Aventin de Troyes, a hermit priest, and Aventine Larboust, a martyr who lived in recluse in the Larboust Valley in the Pyrenees, before being put to death by the Saracens.

His character :

Aventine is a straight, honest and responsible boy who always meets his commitments. Dynamic and cheerful, it is a point of honor to always keep his promises. Gentle and altruistic, he likes to help his neighbor.
Methodical and scrupulous, Aventine is a great worker. Fast and hyperactive, he devotes all his energy to the tasks he undertakes. He is a person of great reliability. Discreet and conscientious, he knows how to keep a secret. Intelligent and attentive, he is endowed with a great intuition that allows him to identify the problems of others. Thus, he offers his help without hesitation. With such aptitudes, it is not surprising that Aventine is constantly sought as a mediator.


There is no derivative name Aventin.

His party :

Aventines can be celebrated on February 4th or June 13th.

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