Name Bleuette - Meaning and origin

Name Bleuette - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

The name Bleuette is inspired by the blueberry, the blue flower that is often found in meadows or wheat fields.


Bleuette is the name of a fully articulated doll produced by the S.F.B.J.
Bleuette Bernon was a lyric artist and actress of French origin.
The Bleuettes are celebrated on the same day as Sainte Fleur or Flore. Fleur d'Issendolus was a hospital nun Gascon who officiated in the hospital of Issendolus in Quercy. She is best known for her virtue and humility.

His character :

Bleuette is an independent girl. Overflowing with the joy of life, she holds to her freedom above all else. Volunteer and determined, she does not wait for others to help her or give her permission to do what she wants. Demonstrating strength and dynamism, she uses all her talents to carry out her projects. Bleuette likes surprises and changes. She does not like routine, and is constantly looking for new activities. Active and curious, she is interested in all areas that can lead to adventure or travel. With a whimsical and original side, Bleuette shines in society. With her, his entourage never gets bored. Lively and witty, she always has the word to laugh. Although she is avant-garde, Bleuette likes to take care of her appearance. Cozy and neat, she overflows with charm, and it is difficult to resist him.


There are no derivatives with the first name Bleuette.

His party :

The Bleuettes are celebrated on October 5th.

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