Name Caitlin - Meaning of origin

Name Caitlin - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

Caitlin is a derivative of the name Catherine, which comes from the Greek "katharos" meaning "pure", itself inspired by the term "ékaté" which was the nickname of the goddess Diane.


Australian actress Caitlin Stasey, by the Neighboors series, American actresses, Caitlin Fitzgerald, who holds the role of Libby Masters in the Masters of Sex series, and Caitlin Carver.

A future actress your princess?

Caitlin's patron saint Catherine of Alexandria is a martyr of the first centuries who was beheaded after refusing to marry Emperor Maxence three times, claiming that his love was dedicated to Christ.

His character :

An independent and individualistic woman, Caitlin likes to take risks and rarely does it in half-measures. Gourmet, sensual and curious, she is full of charm. She hates to follow the orders given to her ... but loves to give them. Persuasive, she has special abilities to organize and administer.


Catherine, Kate, Catel, Cathel

His party :

Caitlin is celebrated on November 25, the day of celebration of St. Catherine.

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