Name Capucine - Meaning of thumbs

Name Capucine - Meaning of thumbs

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Origin of first name:

Elders, French, Latins

Meaning of the name:

From the Latin caput, "the head".

This plant owes its name to the hood of the mantle of some religious orders. When the first nasturtium plants were brought back from Peru, the resemblance between the flower and this monastic cape was imposed. Capucine, which also evokes a childhood round, was among the first names of flowers to spread in France in the twentieth century. A nice name nature!


No celebrity review given the name Capucine. Your little wonder, perhaps?

Due to its floral nature, the name Capucine is celebrated on the same day as Saint Fleur or Saint Flore. Fleur d'Issendolus was a hospital nun Gascon from the thirteenth century. Coming from a noble family of Auvergne, she decided to enter the order of Saint John of Jerusalem. She was also the source of many miracles during her life and after her death.

His character :

Capucine is an original and determined girl. Advocating the motto "all or nothing", she gives herself every means to achieve her goals. Although she may appear ambitious at first, in reality she is an altruistic person who feels connected to others. Considered as original, she prefers to follow her own laws and hates being dictated to her conduct. This does not prevent it from being profoundly altruistic.


Capucina, Cina, Pucci.

His party :

The Capucines are celebrated on October 5, at Sainte-Fleur.

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