Name Clorinde - Meaning of thumbs

Name Clorinde - Meaning of thumbs

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Origin of first name:

Greek, Old French

Meaning of the name:

In Greek, the term "clorinda" translates to "greenery". As a result, the derived name (Clorinde) evokes everything about greenery.


No known Clorinde yet ...
One of the characters of the poem "Jerusalem delivered" written by Le Tasse (1581) is called "Clorinde".

"Clorinde" is also a popular name in the French Navy of the nineteenth century. Between 1801 and 1845, 4 frigates were baptized "la Clorinde". The class frigate Pallas "la Clorinde" launched in 1808 and equipped with 44 guns participated in the Battle of Tamatave (Madagascar, May 20, 1811).

His character :

Clorinde is distinguished by its unusual magnetism. This charming and open person can be appreciated by his peers from the first meeting. Slightly extroverted, she often wears a wide smile and loves to joke. Moreover, Clorinde is gifted to express himself in public and shows a great naturalness, even in front of new faces. Sociable and friendly, she is always looking for new encounters and exchanges. Clorinde knows how to be very serious when the situation requires him. Thus, even if it tends to favor lightness, it is able to deploy a lot of effort to face the difficulties. In times of crisis, she manages to concentrate, to be firm and to exercise self-discipline. Courageous, dynamic, persevering and intelligent, she is perfect for the business world.



His party :

The Clorinde celebrate on October 5th.

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