Name Daron - Meaning and origin

Name Daron - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Greeks, Sanskrit

Meaning of the name:

The name Daron would come from the contraction of aron that refers to the master of the house. A historic province of Armenia is also called Daron.


Daron Malakian is the guitarist of the famous Armenian-American metal band System of a Down. Born July 18, 1975 in Hollywood, he handles with exceptional skill all types of guitars, from 12-string guitar to various models of electric guitars.
Daron Acemoğlu is a Turkish-American economist of Armenian descent who teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In 2005, he received the John Bates Clark Medal.
Daron Rahlves is a cross-country acrobatic skier and former alpine skier from California. In 2001, he was crowned World Super-G Champion in St. Anton.
Daron Jae Cruickshank is an American athlete from Westland, Michigan, playing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. This Michigan Top Team fighter began his sports career in 2008

His character :

By nature, Daron is patient and stubborn in everything he undertakes. He is known to his entourage for his obstinacy, perseverance and efficiency. Daron appears as a force of nature, always ready to overcome the obstacles present in his path. He also has a certain charisma, hence his ability to train his entourage in his wake through a well-controlled communication. Daron also has a real sense of responsibility. As a family, he does not hesitate to take on the role of the big brother to put things in order when necessary. In society, he is very active and appears as a man of principle. Indeed, Daron has a good morality. Despite a sociability that sometimes lacks fluidity, he is constantly concerned about the well-being of his family, whether friends or family members. Its hyperactivity finds its origin in its explosive and spontaneous character. Driven by obstinacy, he is able to invest in areas in which he does not usually feel comfortable. Despite the difficulties, this kind of experience allows him to make new discoveries. His greatest weakness, however, is his lack of intuition.


Daran, Dar, Daro and Dario.

His party :

There is no date dedicated to Daron.

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