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Dulce Meaning - Origin

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Etymologically, "Dulce" comes from "dulcia" (feminine of "dulcis") and translates as "sweet". This feminine given name and its many derivatives are particularly appreciated in languages ​​of Latin origin.


Portuguese musician Dulce Pontes. Her style is often associated with world music, as her inspiration takes her somewhere between pop, folk and classical music.
Throughout his journeys with Sancho Panza, the heart of Don Quixote beat only for Dulcinea, a name invented by Cervantes to recall the epic names derived from "Dulce".
Dulce María, actress, pop singer and Mexican lyricist born in 1985.

His character :

Dulce is a great romantic and an idealist. This emotional, hypersensitive, charming and sensual young woman is distinguished by her tastes and values ​​from another age. Despite inherent weaknesses in his character, Dulcea can effectively use certain assets such as charm and seduction to achieve his ends. Superficial in appearance, this woman is in constant search of solid values ​​to move serenely in life. In her quest for meaning to her existence, she is drawn to different groups dedicated to a great cause. She manages to find a certain balance by integrating humanistic, artistic, spiritual or political associations.

Allergic to routine, Dulcea favors the discovery of new sensations and new horizons. This sociable woman also excels in public speaking and has no problem speaking. It can easily integrate into any group. However, it remains fragile emotionally and is exposed more by multiplying the meetings. This weakness of character present since his earliest childhood is quite manageable. Dulcea's relatives will therefore have to surround him and teach him to step back at an early age. In this way, she will be able to face the harsh reality of the world in which she lives and truly flourish.


Delcina, Dulcia, Dulciana, Delcine, Delsine, Dulcea, Dulci, Dulcie, Dul and Dulcibella.

His party :

The Dulce celebrate on September 1st.

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