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Napping, it makes you grow

Napping, it makes you grow

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Today, no one is reluctant to take a nap. Sam, Lubin and Bambi fall asleep very quickly in the room remained fresh, under the watchful eye of the master of the place, Super Nanny. Attentive? Not so sure…

  • The heat makes the grass in the garden brown. From my organic fertilized lawn, there is only a tundra like an old carpet. Summer is here, on a low heat in the morning. Children get excited, sweat, I play water carriers all day long.
  • At lunchtime, they eat less, savoring especially fresh yogurts. Then, they gracefully take the nap turn. It's a special moment. The curtains drawn cast a soft twilight in the room. The half-open window lets in a stream of air that caresses their bare arms.
  • They each have their bed, reduced at that time to a simple mattress without cover. Puffy the rabbit fled against Sam's cheek. Bambi put his Grisette donkey on his pillow and wrapped it in a handkerchief, like a duvet. He will not be cold. As for Lubin, lying on his side, he sucks his thumb, pointing his eyes to me. He is waiting for the story.
  • Well stuck in my pear beanbag, I announce the program. It will be Carméla, the little hen who wanted to see the sea. Carméla complains of having to always lay and leaves for a long trip.

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