Name Europa - Meaning and origin

Name Europa - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Variant of the name "Europe", the first name "Europa" evokes especially "Eurṓpē", the Phoenician princess described in the Greek mythology. She is the daughter of Agenor and the mother of Minos.

Etymologically, this name comes from the terms "eurus" (broad) and "ôys" (eye, view or gaze). "Europa" can be translated as "broad," "big", "huge" or even "imposing".


An American actor from the 1990s chose "Europa" as the stage name. He appeared among others in "Crack Me Up" (1991).

African-American composer and arranger James Reese Europe (1881-1919). Playing mainly ragtime, this artist is one of the leading figures of the New York music scene in the early twentieth century.

His character :

Direct and determined, Europa usually presents herself as a hard, authoritarian, even tyrannical woman. However, his grave and almost frightening expression only reflects his mistrust of others and his great prudence. Basically, this reserved woman is charming and always wants to please. Sweet, smiling and preoccupied by her image, she aspires to embody elegance. Thanks to its strength of character and will, Europa is able to make considerable efforts to fulfill its desires. This disciplined person is also brave and reliable. As such, it is a valuable ally in any major project that may extend indefinitely.

Driven by ambition, Europa sometimes tends to be egocentric and very arrogant. When she is attacked personally, she can get into a rage. However, his savoir-vivre allows him to temper his explosive side and makes it relatively bearable. The character of Europa manifests itself very early in childhood. The parents of this dynamic little girl will have to instil patience and self-control from a very young age. It is also advisable to encourage her to join clubs or send her to a summer camp to make her more sociable.


Europe and Europe.

His party :

The Europa do not have any parties known in the calendar.

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