Faousi Meaning - Origin and definition

Faousi Meaning - Origin and definition

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Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs

Meaning of the name:

Faousi means "victorious" or "predisposed to success" in Arabic.


Faouzi Ghoulam, Algerian international footballer, and Tunisian coach Faouzi Benzarti.

His character :

With great intelligence, Faousi will shine throughout his life on school benches or at work. Small, he barter without flinching his football against encyclopedias. Discreet and reserved, Faousi does not cause problems to those around him. He likes to confine himself in his little cozy bubble where he can surrender to his imagination. The few who manage to penetrate his world are impressed and moved by this sensitive being who hides a colorful personality.

In order to realize her dreams, Faousi works hard and puts the odds on her side to achieve her goals. Apart from his great ambition, he finds the time and the means to be there for others. Putting itself at the service of those who need it, Faousi earns the trust and respect of everyone it meets. If you need help, he is there to support you and do everything he can to help.


Faouzi, Faiz, Faiza, Fawzi, Fawziya, Fayiz, Fayza, Fizza, Faustia, Faustani, Fasia, Faisa, Fazzia, Fouzia, Fathia.

His party :

No saint Faousi for the moment.

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