Flavien Meaning - Origin and Images

Flavien Meaning - Origin and Images

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Latin flavius, name of a great Roman family which means "blond, yellow". It's a name that had its glory period in the 18th century.


The Patriarch Flavian of Constantinople (around 450), the French cyclist Flavien Dassonville, the Swiss hockey player Flavien Conne ...

Saint Flavian was a patriarch of Constantinople in the fifth century. Opposing a heretical doctrine, he asserted with faith and courage that the Virgin Mary was the mother of Christ and was beaten.

His character :

Flavien has a strong character. Courageous, solid, hardworking, he enjoys doing what he does and feels good with his family. Sportsman too, he loves the outdoors and the country life.


Flavian, Flavy, Flavio, Flaive, Flavienne.

His party :

The Flavien are celebrated on February 18th.

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