Felicite pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Felicite pronunciation - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Felicity is a mixed first name that comes from the Latin "felicitas" meaning "luck" or "happiness". Felicity is a sensitive, active and responsible person.


Stéphanie Félicité from Crest de Saint-Aubin or "Comtesse Félicité de Lancy" (French letter woman), Félicité Herzog (writer, French businesswoman and heiress of the Creusot steelworks), Félicité Waoussi (French actress). For the men, Félicité Robert de Lamennais (priest, scottish and French philosphere).
The name Félicité is attributed to two Christian saints: Saint Félicité of Carthage, who lived in the 3rd century, and Saint Félicité of Rome, who lived in the 2nd century. Originally from Africa, Saint Félicité de Carthage was the servant of Saint Perpetua. The two women were sentenced to death for refusing to deny their faith. They became the first Christian African martyrs. Saint Felicite of Rome, meanwhile, was martyred with her seven sons for refusing to sacrifice to the pagan deities. If it is celebrated on July 10 in the West, in the East, the date chosen is November 23.

His character :

Ambitious, Félicité generally succeeds in her businesses, which makes her a good leader. Stubborn and courageous, she remains true to her beliefs whatever happens. His optimism is his best weapon. Thanks to her way of seeing things, Félicité easily manages to cheer up those who confide in her in case of problems. Quiet and friendly nature, she manages to quickly relax his entourage.



His party :

Félicité is celebrated on March 7th and July 10th.

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