The Cars cake

The Cars cake

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For your cartoon fan, a Cars cake will be welcome for his birthday! A funny recipe offered on video by Anne-Sophie, best pastry chef M6, and Aurélie.


  • 1 cake of your choice
  • 1 jar of chocolate frosting
  • 250 g of gray sugar paste
  • 125 g of red sugar dough
  • 125 g black sugar paste
  • 125 g white sugar paste
  • 1 food glue
  • 1 black food pen
  • 1 coconut herb


Cake icing

  • Cover the cake with a thin layer of frosting and allow at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

The decor in sugar paste

  • Meanwhile, prepare sugar dough wheels. Form balls of black sugar paste and crush them in the palm. Glue over a round of red sugar dough and draw small dots in food marker to form the rims.
  • Cut out a coat of arms in red and white sugar paste and write the child's name on it with the food stamp.
  • Spread black sugar dough finely and cut out dozens of small squares with the ejector punch and protect them with plastic to prevent them from drying out.

Cake cover

  • When the icing has set, place the cake on a serving board or platter. Spread out the gray sugar paste and place it on top of the cake. Cut out the contours with a spatula or scissors to fit the shape of the figure. Then cut a long strip of white sugar dough the width of the height of your cake. Drop it all around the cake.
  • For complicated figures, like the 4 proceed in several pieces. For hollowed out numbers, such as 0 or 8, place another band inside the round (s).
  • Then glue the small black squares all around the white stripe with a little bit of food glue. Alternate well to form a checkerboard. Put the coat of arms on the front of the cake. Form a long red pudding and stick it on the edges of the cake, at the join between the gray and the checkerboard. Cut small white stripes for the marks of the road.


  • Finish by placing the wheels all over the circuit and the Cars figure. You can add coconut grass around the field (see how to color the coconut in the train video).


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