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Ross's Christmas the rhinoceros

Ross's Christmas the rhinoceros

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Ross the rhinoceros straightened his young horn. A beautiful sun was pinned on the blue sky. Around him, the savannah was spreading its yellow carpet punctuated with clumps of trees. Jumping with both feet, he practiced shaking the ground, like his parents when they galloped freely, but for the moment, a small rhinoceros did not shake much. And he felt a little lonely.

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  • His family had just arrived in this quiet corner. The proximity of a water point brought animals together. On December 24, Ross watched with envy, near a handful of acacias, other children who seemed to know each other well and played together: a lion cub, a young zebra, a giraffe and a baby elephant.
  • They were raising clouds of dust while playing cat.- You are the cat, Edmond! cried the lion cub.- No, Romeo, you did not even touch me for real! protested the giraffe.
  • Ross felt his mom's breath warm his ear. - Why are not you going to play with them? she asked him. "I'm shy," said Ross. I do not want to impose myself.- I see, replied his mother. I'll let you do it. In the meantime, think about this night. You know Santa will visit you. - I hope. I was wise, mother? "The horn of her mother came touching his." Like an angel, my angel.

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